Established in 1977 the company has built a reputation for supplying quality toolmaking services to the plastics industry. Our broad portfolio of clients come from many varied sectors of industry, including automotive, medical, defense, electrical, leisure, motorsport and housewares.

Much of the tooling we produce is for products which are on the cutting edge of innovation and technology, this requires continuous development of our working practices. Ongoing investment in new plant, software and training has always been a key factor in the way we operate.

Our workforce is built on team spirit and teamwork. We constantly question and analyze our working procedures to enable us to further develop and improve our systems and keep pace with new and emerging processes and technologies which affect our business.

Our objective is to provide a quality service in a timely manner on competitive commercial terms. We aim to maintain a mutually beneficial business relationship with our clients, suppliers and other business partners.


Our reputation in mould and toolmaking has been built on the ethic that quality is not an option but an essential policy. Providing bespoke tooling to global manufacturers for decades we are committed to maintaining our status at the forefront of our industry.

We have the facilities to supply all aspects of a tooling project from initial conception to final production.

Mould and Toolmaking
3D Tool and Product design
CNC Wirecut, EDM, Milling and Turning
EDM hole drilling
Laser welding
Moldflow analysis 3D printing
Prototype tooling
Tool trialing
In addition we supply a complete maintenance program for existing tooling.

Whether the requirement is for prototype or production, high or low volume, complex or straightforward tooling our depth of experience will present a cost effective solution to any project.

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With our extensive CAD/CAM/CAE portfolio we are able to undertake all types of custom machining projects from one offs to small batch production.

Our CNC department is equipped with milling, turning and EDM all programmed either conventionally or with Solidcam 3D machining software. Our Design department is equipped with Solidworks 3D design and analysis software. With this we are able to accept data in virtually any form and create, simulate, analyze and validate components for manufacturability and design confidence.

We strive to appreciate our customers unique needs and welcome the opportunity to collaborate at an early stage in the design process on any project. Historically this has proven to be beneficial to all concerned as this enables our clients to take full advantage of our capabilities and experience.

Laser Welding

Due to the quick turnaround required for most tool repairs and modifications we have expanded our business with an investment in Laser Welding technology.

Our welders are of the ‘open’ mobile type which means we have virtually no restriction on the size of the part to be welded. With pinpoint accuracy and low energy input we can weld the vast majority of metals often in hard to reach areas with minimal or no post finishing required.

We are able to weld dissimilar metals of varying thickness (jewellery), heat sensitive components (electronics), high value items (antiques, firearms) as well as medical instruments and equipment.

All with no or minimal distortion or disturbance of the area around the weld. Our flexible working environment means we have the capacity for emergency, short notice repairs often out of usual business hours.

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Experienced injection mould toolmakers required. Please contact us for more information.


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A - Unit 8 Manor Way, Old Woking, Surrey, GU22 9JY
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